Tweet, Chirp, Hum, Howl and Roar

Tweet, chirp and hum if you’re a free spirit, howl if you’re a lone wolf and roar if you are a kingly beast that stands up for what you believe. These paintings are newly stocked in the shop!

Tattoo Sound + Music

View some art hanging up in the studios of Tattoo Sound + Music. They currently have 3 paintings of mine.

Glyko Portokali

Human Colony

The Calm Stare

The Bird With It’s Nest

From sketch to finished painting, The Bird With It’s Nest was a 4 year thought process from the sketch to painting. It didn’t take me 4 years to paint but the amount of changes from ideas changed with my emotions and dealings with having a miscarriage in 2010. It was heartbreaking to draw and paint but it healed me with a process I haven’t experienced before. It challenged me with the ideas and thoughts of a woman’s reproductive systems and how sometimes we have no control over what our own bodies reject. Miscarriage isn’t something people have conversations about because it’s either uncomfortable and the recipient either understands or silently judges you for no reasons but of their own. But it does happen and it’s what we make of it that can be beautiful to remember, because I want to remember. So here’s my painting, a self portrait of The Bird With It’s Nest.
36x18x1.5″ collage and oil on wood panel.



“Origami”. The beginnings of a new series of paintings and drawings to come. Stay tuned for more updates on the new series. Follow me on Instagram and my Facebook Page for more updates.


Swamp Woman and Her Offspring

Swamp Woman and Her Offspring

Far Far Away / Hold It In / Tight, But Not so Tight / Feather Free

More drawings have been added to the sketches section. These four featured drawings will be available for sale very soon, stay tuned. Their titles are a bit strange and I have a lot more drawings that I’ve been working on in the past few weeks, I promise to show them to you once my collection is complete.

Detail of “Kovsch of the Lady Moscow”

In depth detail of the hand, necklace and kovsch from the painting “Kovsch of the Lady Moscow”. Oils and collage.

Kovsch of the Lady Moscow

Sketch of “Kovsch of the Lady Moscow”. Inspired by the 19th century Russian metal work and cloisonné enamel details.

Almost up and running!

I’ve just about got things up and running on my new site. Still have lots of content to add but it’s coming along. As always make sure you follow me on twitter and facebook as I continue to update the site…